In addition to shaping steel solutions, at MRF, we also aim to sow innovation and prosperity in our environment and sphere of influence. These are key premises in our business mission, and Intellectual Property plays a fundamental role in achieving them. We understand and value the importance of registering our ideas, designs, and products to continue driving progress, both in the steel industry market and in society at large. Do you know the value that Industrial Property brings? Keep reading, we'll tell you.

Types of Industrial Property Registration

There are different protection instruments for an industrial invention. In our case, before selecting the most suitable form of protection for any of the designs crafted by our engineering team, we conduct a rigorous examination of each product and evaluate which is the best registration for each case.

At MRF, we have secured various Industrial Property registrations to safeguard our innovations and globally distributed products. Let's take a look at some of them:


Patents represent one of the most robust forms of Industrial Property protection, granting inventors the exclusive right to exploit their invention for a certain period of time.

At MRF, we are proud to have two granted patents: one for our Ulises closure and another for the Boreas closure. Two other patents are already pending, and although it will take a few more years for them to be finalized, Industrial Property for those applications is, in the meantime, protected in one hundred and thirty countries.

Utility Models

The so-called utility models are another form of protection for Industrial Property. In this case, they protect inventions related to a practical solution for a specific technical problem.

MRF has three utility models granted in Spain, covering innovations in closures with electronic devices, which offer improvements in efficiency and convenience for users. Specifically, these are the Boreas external lock and the electronic applications for NFC opening of the Boreas and Peares locks with recessed installation.

Industrial Design

The Industrial Design property registration protects the aesthetic appearance of a product, ensuring that its visual aspect is exclusive and recognizable.

At MRF, we have registered over twelve industrial designs emblematic of our company for their appearance, as well as for their functionality and ergonomics. Among these are various closures from our catalog, as well as hinge blades, which are protected in the European Community and the United Kingdom

Trademark Registration

Trademarks are distinctive signs that identify a company's products or services and differentiate them from others.

Over more than 50 years of history, the MRF brand has evolved through various graphic proposals, including a recent rebranding. This transformation reflects our adaptability and committed willingness to innovation. The constant throughout this journey has been the presence as a registered trademark in the different markets in which we operate, ensuring that our customers can easily identify our products and services in the global market.

Blockchain-based Evidence Registry

In an increasingly agile and changing digital environment, there is another form of Industrial Property protection. The evidence registry is a certificate that allows verifying any type of digital file from its creation and ensuring the integrity of the information contained in that file.

In our case, MRF has actively adopted the use of this emerging technology to protect our intangible assets. With the support of ClarkeModet, we have two evidence registries with blockchain, guaranteeing the validity of the intellectual property that comes out of our technical office.

The Impact of Industrial Property

Industrial Property is an intangible asset that fuels the cycle of creativity and acts as a catalyst for a driving force for spreading knowledge throughout society. Each registration drives the creation of a broader and more accessible knowledge base. For everyone. That's why by protecting our ideas, we contribute to the economic and technological development of the territory, generating employment and fostering wealth in our environment.

Industrial Property registrations not only protect innovation but also strengthen confidence in each product and promote fair competition in the market. With the registration of Industrial Property for our ideas and solutions, we also ensure that our hardware meets quality and originality standards, backed by decades of experience in the steel industry.

For our customers, Industrial Property guarantees the quality and inherent originality of our products, providing them with the assurance that they are choosing and investing in top-notch solutions.

We hope this article has been useful in understanding the importance of intellectual property; we have specifically highlighted some of MRF's most emblematic products and explained how their protection contributes to our commitment to excellence, innovation, and economic return to the territory. Thank you for reading.

Posted on 2024-04-26 News, Blog

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