Before 2024 gains momentum, it's time for reflection and analysis of what the recently concluded year has brought to Mecanizados Rodríguez Fernández.

Reasons to celebrate: Our most successful sales year yet

The year 2023 has marked a milestone in MRF's history. It was the more successful period in the history of our sales, with an increase of over 13% in revenue compared to the already positive previous year.

This achievement highlights the commitment and dedication of all our departments; the people who make up MRF play a key role in this success, functioning as a cohesive team to ensure all phases conclude successfully: listening to the customer, customizing solutions, ensuring timelines, and pursuing excellence in all processes, maintaining the quality standards that have always characterized us until product delivery.

Product launches: Innovation and customization

Maintaining our commitment to innovation and customization, we have once again driven the development of new products, taking a parallel step to the bodywork sector, where we have historically positioned our main activity.

The modification and custom design of products for various clients have significantly expanded our ability to address specific needs; an example of this is our work in the Defense sector.

Furthermore, new products were added to our catalog, optimizing some existing ones, such as the evolution of our homonymous lock to the e-Peares becoming electronic, or introducing new solutions, such as hinges and closures for last-mile logistics, preparing us for the imminent challenges in our cities.

Training: Strengthening skills

Once again, we have invested in the strengthening of continuous learning, a fundamental pillar for development in an organization like ours. We have provided specific training to supervisors and team leaders in our production teams, allowing them to optimize their performance, communication skills, and leadership roles.

Moreover, from from MRF's management, the path was initiated to reinforce efficiency and improve its contribution to organizational success, specifically through training in Governance best practices. We have also provided specific training in digitization, including cross-departmental courses for all departments and design software training for the engineering team.

International Fairs: Our presence in 4 key events

In 2023, MRF actively participated in four international fairs, solidifying our presence in key markets. With our own stands at each of them, we participated in NUFAM (Germany) and SOLUTRANS (France), both related to bodywork, MINDTECH in Vigo, focused on the metal industry, and FEINDEF in Madrid, focused on Defense.

Digitalization of processes: Preparing for the future

MRF has made significant progress in implementing a new IT system to optimize our industrial processes. The monitoring screen implemented in collaboration with the Muutech team now allows us to have information at each phase of our production quickly, flexibly, and measurably, laying the foundation for a more efficient and technologically advanced future.

Awards and recognitions: Acknowledgment of our success

External recognition has also reached MRF. We were finalists in the category of "SME with Innovative Trajectory" in the Innovation and Design Awards promoted by the Axencia Galega de Innovación -GAIN- (Galician Agency for INnovation). Additionally, we renewed the Ardán indicators, highlighting our performance in Circular Economy and Global Company indexes for another year, in this way evaluating our contribution to the Galician business fabric.

Charting the future: Goals for 2024

With all these achievements, we close an extraordinary 2023 looking to the future with confidence and the determination to continue being leaders in the metal industry.

In 2024, we embark on a new phase of growth and continuous improvement. In this chapter, we will focus on increasing production capacity, integrating new automations in processes, and strengthening our ESG commitment, laying the groundwork for a future committed to environmental, social, and corporate governance factors.

Thanks to all our teams and collaborators for being a fundamental part of this journey, and we look forward to sharing more successes together in the coming years.

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