This first half of the year has been intense and full of fairs in which we have been present in some way, either as visitors, through our distributors and partners, or exhibiting. Most of them have been dedicated to the bodywork sector, but we have also had the opportunity to exhibit in other sectors. We make a brief review and balance of all the fairs in which we have participated and we warm up for the second half of the year.

CV SHOW Birmingham – United Kingdom, April 2023

The exhibitors at this annual trade fair are mainly truck and van manufacturers, as well as companies involved in the manufacture of countless accessories and consumables for the industrial bodywork sector. This year, the latter group has increased its presence at the show to the detriment of the vehicle manufacturers.

We could observe a growing concern about the use of fossil fuels, and consequently, the search for alternatives and the increasing presence of electric vehicles. Moreover, in the same vein, there is growing concern about deliveries in urban centres where there are more and more traffic restrictions for traditional fuel vehicles.

MRF was present with different products in numerous vehicles, also thanks to our distributor in England, Commercial Body Fittings.

SELFI 2023 – France, April 2023

We were able to attend SELFI 2023 (Chevilly-Larue, Paris), event on the combination of logistics and refrigeration. In France, the cold logistics industry has for years been demonstrating its determination to limit harmful emissions and accelerate the energy transition, without losing sight of the uncertainty and shortage of skilled labour. It was against this backdrop that SELFI 2023 took place, seeking to provide answers to an ecosystem eager for guidance for this energy transition. The conferences on low-emission zones, the use of hydrogen or cycle-logistics, with all types of vehicles for urban and last-mile delivery, were noteworthy.

KULJETUS – Finland, May 2023

We attended the Kuljetus exhibition in Jyväskylä, Finland, where we had WIDNI as a partner. Finland stands out as a market leader in terms of manufacturing high quality and durable truck bodies, especially considering the harsh climatic conditions that exist throughout the year.

This event brought together truck body and trailer manufacturers, leading brands, freight forwarders, warehouse operators, parts suppliers, and other related customers to showcase their products and services.

Itt Hub Farnborough International – United Kingdom, May 2023

We also attended the ITT Hub in London in May, a newly created annual event that brought together over two days several conferences and meetings that will guide the transport industry through a challenging ecosystem of technologies and opportunities. ITT Hub is a platform to spearhead innovation and pioneering strategies that will take the industry to the next level through conferences on decarbonisation, batteries, future technology, blockchain and more. Conventional body manufacturers also had their place where they could showcase their projects focused on responding to these new challenges: last mile, electric motor or low emission vehicles.

Expotransporte y Logística - Mexico, May 2023

In Mexico, also in May, we were at Expo Transporte y Logistica in Monterrey. There, large bodybuilders covering most of the market coexist with a multitude of small local bodybuilders. The type of box construction is very similar in all the major manufacturers, which are mainly focused on refrigerated boxes and dry freight.  It is a traditional market with a predominance of locally manufactured accessories or suppliers from Southeast Asia, with a small presence of some suppliers from Germany and the USA.

 AUTOMECHANIKA – Turkey, June 2023

This trade fair has experienced great growth after the pandemic, with a large extension and a multitude of exhibitors. It has established itself mainly as a platform for automotive spare parts, strategically located between the Asian and European markets.


Our extensive experience and trajectory, with more than 55 years as manufacturers in the metal industry, we have transferred it to other sectors with customers with specific demands who are looking for a partner which advises and understands their real needs. Beyond what has been our main activity, industrial bodywork, we are not satisfied with just offering catalogue products and their customised adaptations, but we also offer our collaborative engineering and our capacity to design together, test, develop and manufacture new customised solutions for new needs. That is why this year we have exhibited at trade fairs outside the industrial bodywork sector.

FEINDEF – Spain, May 2023

FEINDEF, International Defence and Security fair held in Madrid, where we exhibited for the first time. We have extensive experience in this sector with leading companies, where confidentiality and professionalism are essential.

We have been able to adapt our products, such as hinges, locks or handles, to achieve secure, robust and reliable solutions that meet the needs of this sector.

MINDTECH – Spain, June 2023

MRF was also present at various multi-sector trade fairs, such as Mindtech, a benchmark trade fair for the industrial sector in the Iberian Pole, which was holding its third edition, and which served as a meeting point with suppliers and clients from the technological and industrial sectors. We are convinced that we can add value to other lines of business, combining our production capacities, our industrial experience, and our own technical office, thus being able to give shape to customised solutions from design to manufacture, without the need to industrialise large standardised series.

With all these experiences we are preparing for the next trade fairs after the summer, we will be exhibiting at the bodywork trade shows like Nufam in September (Germany) and in November the Solutrans in France, we look forward to seeing you there!

Posted on 2023-07-17 MRF Solutions News

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