At MRF we are committed to people and the environment, as stated in our company mission, to practice sustainability in every sense. We continually implement projects that have several objectives, and one fundamental is the care and respect for the environment: recycle, reuse and reduce.


In 2018 we designed and planned an ambitious digital transformation project for the company, and since then we have been executing multiple actions aimed at modernising, strengthening, and reducing processes. The objective of some of these digitalisation actions was the commitment to "zero paper", which was achieved in the following projects:


- 2019 | Digital Picking: digitising the administrative processes of production - dispatches - logistics.

- 2020 | PPE and consumables management app: digitising the entire process of requesting personal protective equipment and office consumables, as well as providing quality information in real time.

- 2022 | DMM App (Digital Maintenance Management): for the management of corrective maintenance and tooling requests and operations.


 Our commitment to the environment goes beyond our legal obligations, and we do not only focus on the correct segregation and management of waste, such as plastic, paper or cardboard, but we continue to implement projects related to the environment, such as the recycling and reuse of cardboard from the packaging that comes to MRF. We have acquired a machine that generates cushioning for packaging, as a replacement for the bubble wrap inside the packaging. We are giving waste materials a second life and improving the quality of our packaging. With these measures we will reduce the amount of cardboard generated in the company by 25%.


 Filler production machine from our supplier GT Automocion


 We also have an important commitment to reducing plastic we use for our packaging. We have implemented an automatic pallet wrapping system, with automatic pre-stretching, which will enable us to reduce the plastic film we use to protect our packaging by 30%. With this system, we will reduce the carbon footprint of our shipments and improve their quality, ensuring a more efficient palletised load.


Pallet wrapper from our supplier Controlpack


A final project is the automatic kit bagging system, which will reduce manufacturing time and reduce the plastic used in the current kit bags by more than 30%. In addition, we will improve the quality of information on each set by incorporating the identification of the reference number in each kit, and we will incorporate an anti-error system (poka-yoke) so that all the kits are made up with the exact units.

 We will continue to implement solutions and improvements in all our processes, because it is in the company's DNA, and because we are fully aligned with environmental improvement.  Our intention is not only to participate in the sustainability discourse, but to implement it in all its aspects.

Posted on 2023-04-17 MRF Solutions News

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