At MRF we want to provide solutions to the problems that carriers encounter on a daily basis, which is why we have developed our sliding door kit, an option that the market is increasingly demanding due to the great challenges and difficulties faced by the industrial transport sector, such as deliveries in urban centres.

Our "SKIRION" sliding door kit for temperature-controlled boxes is an option with many advantages such as space saving, which is very important when manoeuvring in reduced spaces. In addition, this alternative does not compromise the appearance of the vehicle as it provides its visual continuity.

SKIRION makes full use of the door opening by reducing its size to the minimum necessary. It is available in two sizes , 900mm and 1300mm, which allows us to cover a wide range of box sizes. Another customisable feature is the opening direction, the box fitter can choose whether to open to the right or left.

A magnetic retention system is included to prevent unintentional closing of the door and ensure safety for as long as the door remains opened even in steeply sloping areas. An anti-derailment system has also been included to ensure the durability and safety of the product.

SKIRION ensures that watertightness is not compromised, as the closing system is the same as that of a hinged door. It also reduces the weight of the kit by increasing the load capacity of the box. Skirion also reduces the loading and unloading time of the goods.

Most of the raw materials that make up this sliding door kit are Aisi-304 stainless steel and aluminium, these materials guarantee a great durability of the system and minimum maintenance by the user, as well as providing lightness, only 21kg (900mm) and 25kg (1300mm).

It is designed so that the enclosure manufacturer does not have to make modifications in the manufacture of the panels, whose thickness can range from 40 to 80mm.  The assembly time of this Skirion kit is also a feature to highlight, as it has been designed to make assembly as easy and quick as possible, in less than 2 hours and without complicated operations on the box itself.

MRF seeks with SKIRION to satisfy an emerging need and to continue to bring improvements to the industrial transport sector by trying to improve the conditions of the transporters and to have more reliable and durable products.

Posted on 2022-12-12 by MRF Solutions News

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