For the first time, #TeamMRF welcomes interns from the Dual Professional Training Programs, (in Spanish Formación Profesional Dual). This post is dedicated to


A positive experience for both the enterprise and the students

More often than ever, companies are demanding professionals with specific skills and training; however, finding such professionals is not always an easy task. At the same time, students coming from the professional training programs need exposure to real world industrial applications that complement the theoretical knowledge acquired.

We have signed an agreement with the Integrated Public Center for Professional Training “A Carballeira – Marcos Valcárcel” here in Ourense to support training in MRF for the dual professional programs. In particular, this agreement centers around the program for “Development of Multi-platform applications”.


The Dual Professional Training is an opportunity to create a “portfolio” of future qualified employees. The students spent more than a third of their training as interns in our company. Training is supervised at every step by two tutors, one in the educational center and another in MRF.


Why we support the development of Multi-platform applications 

MRF is betting on new technologies of industry 4.0 and the digitalization of our processes. It would not make sense to incorporate new machines if the material investments do not improve the way we process and analyze data which tends to increase in complexity.

Also, people can concentrate on those functions where they add true value and can rely more on digital technologies to do their work.

We need to develop new applications that are adequately integrated with each other and that solve specific problems. Our new colleagues are responding to these needs in an even higher way than was initially expected in their internship period which began last 25 January and will be completed on June 18 of this year.


Our interns and in-house tutor share their experience.


Our CTO, David Lorenzo, comments on his experience as tutor of Iván and José Manuel, “It has been a new experience to me since dual training establishes requisites of training and follow up- that extend beyond traditional internships. Three courses are developed during the internship and learning, and performance need to be evaluated. This implies a level a dedication to program. Being the first time, it was difficult to gauge the benefits or counter-benefits of the new activities in the already busy IT department. As per my experience, I can say that it was tough at the beginning.   A series of aspects have to be coordinated, such as preparing the syllabus, establishing work methodology, and above all, transforming said teaching into a project that is useful for the company and at the same time that fits with the syllabus they have to develop. However, despite the initial concern, the integration within the IT department is complete, their work is focused on the development of a project for the management of maintenance machines and auxiliary equipment.  Our interns also help in providing user support and management of tickets which adds even more value to their contribution to MRF”.

Iván Dobaño Rodríguez comments on his experience at MRF: “At first, I took on this training with some doubts due to lack of experience and honestly not knowing what I was getting into”. However, Ivan considers himself lucky to have had this opportunity and now feels comfortable working in MRF where he continues his journey to become a full stack developer, a field that if of interest to him and the methods he is working to perfect. Putting into perspective, "The choice of dual training seems to me to be the right decision regardless of my current situation because entering the labor market in this way is an advantage that not many have."


In the case of José Manuel Piñeiro Viso, he acknowledges that he did not have many expectations, because some of his classmates had told him that their internships did not develop as they had wished. However, he emphasizes, “since I arrived, without having had previous work experience, I was treated as a colleague at the same level of work and demand as anyone else. Thanks to this training, I have been able to advance in my knowledge of Full Stack development, management and maintenance of hardware and networks not to mention knowing closely the operation of a company of this scale. Thanks to this, I consider that I am increasingly prepared to work professionally. With regard to the Dual study modality, I think it is a great way of training as long as the company in question believes in the student, treats him fairly, and gives him opportunities to grow as it is the case with MRF”.


At MRF, we want to thank Iván and José Manuel for sharing their experience and providing a positive valuation. As we now see it, betting on the dual training program has been a success, above all, the program helps students, trainers, and companies reach their objectives as it was the case here in MRF."


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