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We offer bespoke solutions

according to your needs

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MRF is continuing to undergo an important diversification into different and diverse markets, and we are actively searching for partners expert in the design of steel products and with the capacity and proximity to co-design reliable solutions.

We offer solutions for sectors such as:

Escucha y experiencia: bases <br>de nuestro proceso de diseño

Industrial sector

Maquinaria para alimentación

Food machinery







Energías renovables o generadores eléctricos

Renewable energies or electric generators

Soluciones MRF
Escucha y experiencia: bases de nuestro proceso de diseño

The foundation of our design process is many years of experience and the ability to listen and react to the needs of our customers

Matricería, prototipado y utillajes sin ir más lejos

Tooling, prototyping and own tools

Fabricantes en acero desde 1966

Steel manufacturers
since 1966

Garantía y Fiabilidad

and Warranty

MRF Solutions

At MRF we can manufacture any solution that requires a very close level of co-operation and reliability, thanks to the fact that we have machinery for laser cutting, bending, stamping, welding and surface finishing (polishing and shot blasting) for AISI 304 steel:

Laser cut
Sheets up to 3,000 x 1,500 mm
Maximum thickness in stainless steel: 15 mm
Maximum thickness in carbon steel: 25 mm

220 Tm folder and up to 4,280 mm

Presses from 30 to 300 Tm

Machining centers
CNC lathes

TIG / GTAW / MIG / MAG welding

Surface finishes
Polished gloss
Matte finish

Do you have a specific
project or need?

We offer solutions for sectors such as: industrial sector, bodywork, automotive, food machinery, maritime industry, renewable energy or electric generators, among others.

Why MRF?

Starting from a design idea adapted to the needs of the client, at MRF we accompany you from the design phase, through to prototypes and tooling to serial manufacturing.

Diseño, desarrollo y fabricación propios

Own design, development and manufacture
with comprehensive control of all processes

Flexibilidad y adaptación

Flexibility and adapting
to different needs

Capacidad técnica y experiencia

Technical ability and experience

Alto grado de internacionalización

High degree of internationalization

Orientación al cliente

Customer oriented:
by listening carefully and understanding their needs

Cultura innovadora

A culture of Innovation

Soluciones MRF

Presence in more
than 30 countries

  • South Africa
  • USA
  • Spain
  • France
  • Germany
  • Russia
  • Australia
  • Denmark
  • England
  • Italy

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